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We empower families to sustain the circle of their love, enabling each member to thrive.



We work to provide a tangible example of what a safe and welcoming home could look like for members of all sexual orientations, gender identities and religious paths. We offer programs and counseling services which will give families tools to make hard and crucial life choices from a place of wisdom and love.


We seek to reduce the risk of suicide for LGBTQ youth and prevent youth homelessness by always working towards family reunification, and by providing access to private counseling, support groups, acceptance and love. We want all youth to learn to love themselves.



Encircle coordinates programs, services, and events focused on making the homes, schools, churches and society of Utah more safe and welcoming to LGBTQ members. We work with community leaders to increase cultural competency and forward thinking.

no one needs to walk alone. come home to Encircle.

100% Goes towards LGBTQ+ Youth & Families in UTAH.


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Donate $12 monthly to join the Encircle Ambassador Family. Ambassadors receive tons of free perks, and recognition on our website. #encircletogether  

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Your one time donation will go towards the general fund of Encircle. Make a donation in honor of a friend or family member. All donations are tax deductible. 


"Finally I found a charity I can trust to help LGBTQ+ kids and families in Utah."

- Catherine D.


This home may be small, but it's going to do big things.

Moving on and moving forward

Art and culture classes

How we Rise - LGBTQ Story Night

Here comes a smile & a bag of chips

Subtance Abuse Recovery

Counseling services

everyone is welcome

encouragement, comfort, and love


our Events and programs: week by week

Empathy does not mean agreeing; it means understanding


 An lgbtq speaking series


Local and National Coverage


most popular videos

Grand Opening

We opened on Valentines Day 2017. See how the day unfolded! 

Love Louder

Teresa, writes 100's of messages on pumpkins every year to remind everyone to Love Louder! 

Meanigful Design

Jared, architectural designer, sits down with us to explain the plans we have for the Encircle Home. 

Celebrate Together

Happy Holidays from Encircle 2016 - Celebrate Together. Encircle Together. 

our love goes beyond the walls.

Encircle programs will help all individuals learn to love themselves, and by learning to love themselves, they can help encircle others. Encircle will be a space where everyone can feel a sense of love and belonging within a community circle that is large enough to include all. 


Encircle functions as a hub for resources that support the overall well being of LGBTQ individuals. Encircle not only provides a physical space for community gathering, skills training, individual counseling, conflict resolution, and other resources, but will also serve as a literal example of what a typical Utah home that is inclusive of its LGBTQ members, might look and feel like. 

"to love another person, is to see the face of God"

- Victor Hugo