About the Home

Constructed in 1891, the home has functioned as a residence, an executive guesthouse, and most recently, a law firm. Designers Chase Voekler and Paul Tew worked with Encircle Chief Development Officer Landon Creer to conceptualize, design and build the new space. Keeping the core mission of Encircle in their hearts and minds, Voelker and Tew also strived to create a premium environment that parents and families would feel comfortable coming to as well.

As guests enter the foyer, an elegant custom mural designed using traditional Utah flora and fauna motifs by Salt Lake City-based, internationally known artist Matt Van Der Steen greets them, framing the space. Similarly, the inspiration for many of the design details throughout the home derives from the process of planting and nurturing both individual flowers and a bountiful garden. Lighting, colors, materials and finishes were selected to echo metamorphosis and growth—with hopes that this space will provide an environment that nourishes the young people, families and community who visit and experience Encircle.


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