We aren’t just volunteers, we are FAMILY.


At Encircle, our volunteers are the reason why we’re able to provide the life-saving programs and therapy that help thousands of youth in our communities.

We love our volunteers and the support that they provide our LGBTQ+ youth. Volunteer responsibilities include welcoming visitors, baking cookies and other treats, playing games, helping with homework, and providing information.


Ways to Get Involved


Volunteer at your local Encircle house

Volunteers are the life-blood of each Encircle home. Volunteer shifts are 2 hours each and volunteers tell us it’s the best 2 hours of their day.


Volunteer at Events

No application necessary

Don’t have the time to volunteer at the house weekly? Volunteer at one of our many events each year. Events include Marching in Pride, the Encircle Summit, Cleaning Days at Encircle and many more opportunities.


Become a Group Facilitator

Each Friendship Circle is run by a facilitator who volunteers their time to help our youth feel empowered through the life-experiences and topics that are discussed in the group.


Volunteer your Skills

We’re always looking for people with skills in Video Production, Design, Marketing, HR, Logistics, and more!

If you feel that you have a skill that Encircle can benefit from and are willing to donate your time, fill out the form below.