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 Daily Events at Encircle

Our programs are opportunities for you to make new friends, have a good time, and maybe learn a thing or two.

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For LGBTQ+ Youth & Young Adults

For LGBTQ+ Youth & Young Adults

LGBTQ+ Folx ages 12-25


Blue Sky

Clear away cloudy days by putting pencil to paper. Facilitated by writing professionals, this workshop provides a safe space to find your voice through writing.


Love Louder Art Series

Add color to your life through creative and artistic expression. This workshop hosted by masters of their craft provides new skills and coping strategies. No artistic experience necessary!

For Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Folx

For Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Folx



BECOMING is an ongoing program to strengthen understanding and dialogue between gender variant persons and their family members, allies, and community. 

For Parents

For Parents of LGBTQ+ Folx



For parents and loved ones of LGBT individuals, a place where parents come to feel connected and supported by other parents, and leave feeling hope for their LGBT child's future, and theirs.


Lunch with Lisa

An opportunity for parents of LGBTQ+ children to gather to share sorrows & successes. Parents bring their own lunches and meet together to eat and to talk. 

For the Community

For the Whole Community


Beyond: A Night of Music

A night of music in which all members of the community are welcome to come sing, play/bring instruments, laugh, and jam together.



ELEVATE is a speaking series in which Encircle invites successful, thriving, inspirational LGBTQ+ individuals with diverse backgrounds and life journeys from the community to come and share their story.


Rainbow Mutual

Rainbow Mutual is an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ youth, siblings, and allies to come together for a fun monthly event ranging from game nights to petting zoos to talent shows.



SERVE is a service based program designed to foster connection between youth, their families, and the community at large.


Tools to Thrive

TOOLS TO THRIVE is a discussion-based program meant to facilitate growth and discovery in an intimate setting where community members can talk openly about the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people and their families and friends and share tools they’ve used to overcome these challenges.


See you soon!

Programs may vary by location. Please check the schedule of your local Encircle to find out what programs are happening near you.