Encircle is thrilled to invite you to apply for a position on its Youth Advisory Council (YAC).  Encircle strives to engage and empower its YAC members to meet the issues that mean the most to them, to provide a young person’s perspective in larger Encircle projects and to provide resume-building opportunities that support the YAC members’ professional, personal, and academic goals. 

Members of the council will provide an integral role in providing ideas, feedback, and advice that will help shape the programs and activities at Encircle. The YAC will be composed of 10-14 council members, approximately half of which are youth, ages of 14-18, and half of which are young adults, ages of 19-24.  Each youth member will be paired with a young adult member, forming mentorship pairs. Membership on the council lasts 2 calendar years.



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Part Two
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Part Three
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Graphic novels Television or Theatrical Shows Music School policies Organizing on campus Queer fashion Education Self-discovery Coming out Federal or State Legislation
Part IV: Youth Advisory Council Alternates
Two Youth Advisory Council Alternates assist Youth Advisory Council members with their duties. For example, if a Youth Advisory Council member cannot attend their weekly activity at Encircle, then they will contact an alternate to see if they can attend instead. This is an ideal position for youth and young adults who cannot commit fully to a Youth Advisory Council member position, but would still like to be involved with youth leadership at Encircle. If not selected for a Youth Advisory Council member position, would you consider serving as an alternate?