In order to best serve our community, Encircle will provide training for our volunteers on specific topics. All volunteers will be required to complete suicide prevention training prior to interfacing with those we serve. 

 The first full day of volunteer orientation covering key topics for all volunteers on Saturday, March 4.  This training will include LGBT+ cultural competency, Encircle policies and procedures and suicide prevention training for those who still need it.  

Encircle Volunteer Orientation  

Saturday, march 4



2701 n university ave, provo, ut 84604


We would like for all volunteers to attend a cultural competency training.  The first training will be scheduled on Thursday, March 9.  This training will include LGBTQIA definitions,  gender identity, empathy, Family Acceptance Project data, allies, workplace issues, STI risk and transgender issues.  

Compassion & Complexity: LGBTQIA+ Identity Exploration

Thursday, march 9 


Encircle family & youth resource center 

Register below for this training on March 9