Tools To Thrive 

We seek to engage in discussions that allow participants to make sense of the issues they face together. The conversations will invite participation and problem solving, as well as provide important resources for participants.

EVERY Tuesday 7PM



Trevor Johnson, a native Iowan and BYU graduate, is passionate about helping others recognize their strengths and use them to live a bountiful life. He is the Director of Human Resources at a non-profit organization in Kaysville, UT as well as a professional StrengthsFinder coach.  

What is "Tools to thrive"?

The issues surrounding LGBTQ lives are complex and particular to both individuals and their families. Each week we will host on-going conversations with members of the community to help us understand how to best serve LGBTQ/SSA individuals, their families, and communities.

When is "tools to thrive"?

Every Tuesday night from 7-8:30pm.

Who can come? 

Everyone is welcome. 

How Can I Speak at Tools to thrive?

We love people who have are ready to share their wisdom. Anyone willing to share their expertise and knowledge is welcome to speak at our "Tools to Thrive" night. Submit your story here.