The Summit is on Saturday December 7th. To join the team we ask that you live within driving distance of Lehi, UT. We will have a few meetings on site as we near the summit.

How much time?


We ask that you donate around 2-5 hours a week until the month of November. Some weeks may be 1 hour. Others 4! During the month of November we estimate that your position will demand between 10-15 hours a week. Dec 6th we will need you for 1/2 the day on site. Dec 7th we will need you all day on site.

Is it paid?

All of these positions are volunteer, but we will pay in lots of hugs and thank yous. We truly would have NEVER been able to throw this event without our volunteer leadership team.


Positions Available

Production Team

The production team is responsible for the opening and closing sessions. We produce the show, manage talent, press, media and communications.

  • Encircle Summit Talent Admin Director

  • Encircle Summit Press Director

Program Team

The program team is responsible for all of the workshops and facilitators at the Encircle summit.

  • Educator Program Manager

Outreach Team

The outreach team spreads the word about the Encircle Summit. You plan outreach events, contact schools, make phone calls, send emails - telling all of Utah they should come!

  • Summit Outreach Director

  • Youth/Young Adult Outreach Manager

  • Parent/Ally Outreach Manager

  • Educator Outreach Manager


The catering team is responsible for all food and beverages on site. They work with the catering companies(s) to ensure everything is efficiently run.

  • Youth/Young Adult Catering Coordinator

  • Parent/Ally Catering Coordinator

Marketing Team:

The marketing team is responsible for the visual experience of the summit. Responsibilities include coordinating with and designing materials for outreach, activations, displays, etc.

  • Print & Static Digital Designer

  • Motion Graphics Designer

  • Activations Coordinator

  • Visual Experience & Brand Placement Coordinator


Volunteer management Team

The volunteer team is responsible for the 300+ volunteers at the summit. They ensure volunteers have a fabulous experience at the summit.

  • Youth/Young Adult Volunteer Manager

  • Parent/Ally Volunteer Manager

Operations Team

The operations team ensure all guests have a smooth and enjoyable experience at the summit. Responsibilities include parking, registration, load-in, load- out, master schedule, cleanliness of space etc.

  • Youth/Young Adult Operations Manager

  • Parent/Ally Operations Manager

  • Educator Operations Manager

  • Parent/Ally Resource Kit Coordinator


The tabling team coordinates with our community partners to arrange the tabling and enjoyable experience of those partners.

  • Youth/Young Adult Tabling Coordinator

  • Parent/Ally Tabling Coordinator


The merchandise team coordinates all the t-shirts and swag at the summit. Some will be given away, others will be sold. All of this is your baby.

  • Youth/Young Adult Merchandise Coordinator

  • Parent/Ally Merchandise Coordinator