What does Encircle offer?

Encircle programming will serve the needs of our three key populations: Family, Youth, and Community. We will provide a healthy mix of short- and long-term services as part of our programming. All programming will align with nationally recognized best practices and their expected outcomes in the following formats:

Encircle will host “Tuesday Talks” bringing in guest speakers to cover a variety of topics such as: ministering to LGBTQ people, suicide prevention, advocacy for your LGBT student, the ABC's of LGBTQ (alphabet soup) & best family practices.

Encircle will compile a thorough list of resources that can assist with mental health assessments, short term housing, medical care, individual counseling, mentorship, substance abuse, crisis management, etc. and refer appropriately. Encircle will provide space for outside support groups including but not limited to; Circles of Empathy, 12 step meetings, LDS ARP, USGA, PFLAG, UVU Spectrum Club & therapeutic recreational activities.

NOTE: Encircle will not provide housing - it is not a shelter. It will coordinate and collaborate with Volunteers of America and Wasatch Mental Health’s Vantage Point Center to secure housing and services for homeless youth.

Keynote Speakers

Host  guest speakers to cover a variety of topics to promote healing and mental wellness.


Community Events

Host concerts, service events, & festivals geared towards the family and youth. 

School Advocacy

Work with schools to create a safe space for our LGBTQ youth. 


Baked Goods

At Encircle we will always have home baked goods to welcome you.


Recommended LGBTQ friendly organizations, counseling and therapy



Free confidence building classes like Cooking, Art, Music, Yoga & Meditation.

Mentor Program

Connect individuals with other like minded groups of people who share common experiences. 


Substance abuse education

Substance abuse education and recovery support. In house space for support groups.

Family Unity

Host workshops to educate families on LGBTQ issues and promote love & acceptance within the family.



Help raise awareness and provide resources to families of transgender youth.


We are here and we are not going anywhere.