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 Our Team

The people behind the scenes at Encircle


Working together towards a common Goal

As Encircle continues to plant roots in more communities across the nation, our team grows with it. We’re always looking for amazing people to join Encircle’s mission.

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Our Board


Advisory Board

Supporting the needs of each Encircle House


Salt Lake City

Rob Matheny & Brian Garrett - Advisory Board Chairs

Carrie White

Laura & Matt Forsgren

Ken & Angela Krull

Will & Kristy Donahoo

Kris & Kaylene Packer

Byron Russell & Monte Caldwell

Amy Redford

Ben Brown & Steve Verno

Lakshan Lingam

Jordan Fish

Dan Bushman and Sean Bayles

Eric Warner

Rilee Pickle

Paul Tew & Chase Voelker

Steve Estes



Kent Carollo - Advisory Board Chair

Cole Rassmussen
Michelle Kaufusi
Rico Nelson
Donna & Steve Showalter
Stephen Mongie
Nick Franks
Mindy Young
William Bradshaw
Mark Rooney