The Garden Bridge


The Garden Bridge



Provo, UT

Oil on panel


This piece includes a framed original poem by Greg Olsen.

Come to the garden of peace and rest
Where your struggles all will end,
It really isn’t far away
It’s just around the bend.

Come take the path to this special place
And leave the world behind,
Those elusive dreams you chase
Here in the garden you will find.

Discover a bridge to a life that’s new,
An experience called “rebirth”
In crossing you’ll awaken to
A bit of heaven here on Earth.

The bridge is the gateway
To the garden of peace and rest
You’ll find there is no toll to pay
But there is a profound request.

To cross into this higher sphere
And in its rest abide,
Will you give up all your fears
And let the spirit be your guide?

If so, you’ll find a peaceful place,
And rest in a celestial glow
In a garden that transcends time and space
Where eternal blessings flow.

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