Daily Universe: Study shows LGBT BYU students at higher risk for depression, suicide

Stephanie Larsen said it’s important to have a safe environment for LGBT people and their family members to work through the struggles that come with being part of this community. She and others in the local community have come together to open Provo’s first LGBT resource center, called Encircle.

USGA and other organizations have tried to take the same approach, creating a safe and loving environment for individuals to work through what it means to be part of the LGBT community or to have an LGBT child.

“We want Encircle to be a very safe space for families, where they can keep their religious values and work through it,” Larsen said.

UVU student and Encircle marketer Jacob Dunford, sitting beside Larsen, chimed in.

“No prescriptive outcomes,” Dunford said. “Just love.”

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Jacob Dunford