Daily Herald: Volunteers work on Encircle home renovations

There were children playing and working on the Encircle home.

Watching the families volunteer, and seeing the children pitch in on the Provo home’s renovation, was reassuring to Cameron Bridston as he scrubbed and sanded doors.

“That makes me feel as a queer man, that makes me feel more loved and accepted, to see families coming out to support us, to support the LGBT community,” he said.

More than 125 people showed up to volunteer with the restoration of the Encircle home Saturday morning. The home, located at 91 W. 200 South in Provo, has been undergoing restoration since June. The hope is it will be finished at the end of December and will have a grand opening on Feb. 10.

Once the restoration has been completed and the home is opened, the house will host keynote speakers, will work to make schools safe places for LGBT youth, will refer people to LGBT-friendly resources, provide a mentor program and host workshops to help promote family unity, in addition to other services.


Jacob Dunford