About Encircle

Encircle brings families and the community together with the mission of helping LGBTQ youth thrive. Located in a historic house in downtown Provo, Utah, Encircle provides programming focused on strengthening family circles and relationships and fostering mutual understanding. Better conversations in the house will result in better conversations in neighborhoods, schools and churches – making Utah more safe and welcoming.

Encircle is large enough for everyone.

Our Location


Encircle House
91 W 200 S
Provo UT 84601


We seek to reduce the risk of suicide and homelessness for LGBTQ youth in our community by providing programming focused on strengthening family circles and relationships and foster mutual understanding.


Encircle seeks to deepen and enrich the conversation among communities of faith and LGBTQ people. By teaching individuals to love themselves and empowering families, Encircle helps cultivate an environment where these individuals can thrive.

Our programs and services meet people wherever they are in their lives with cultural competency and sensitivity, using community partnerships, best practices, and innovative techniques.



Friendship Circles
Drop-In Hours
Tools To Thrive
Lunch With Lisa
Seeking Sanity
Flourish Counseling Services
Love Louder: Art & Culture
Circles of Empathy

NOTE: Encircle will not provide housing – it is not a shelter. It will coordinate and collaborate with Volunteers of America and Wasatch Mental Health’s Vantage Point Center to secure housing and services for homeless youth.


“I have gay kids, a daughter and a son. I wish there was a place like this when they were younger. Awareness is so important. Encircle is healing and something that is needed.”
-Teresa W

“Tonight I was able to go to the Encircle house in Provo. I can’t express the love I felt while I was there. It is a beautiful home with a beautiful purpose. I held back tears multiple times hearing the stories behind this amazing center. Thanks for being brave and for being so good.”

“I’m glad to have Encircle be part of our neighborhood as a safe, loving place for the young LGBTQ people who reside in our community.”