Hosts & Co-Hosts

Hosts and Co-Hosts are needed for our Classes, Peer-Facilitated Groups, and Tuesday Talks. Ideal candidates will have prior experience working with families, youth, and the LGBTQ population, as well as leading discussions, peer-facilitated groups, and/or classes. If you have skills in activities, such as: art, music, yoga, and you would like to lead a class, then this is the volunteer position for you!

Responsibilities can include:

  • Planning, facilitating, supporting, and evaluating program efforts
  • Distributing event evaluation forms at the conclusion of event
  • Reporting concerns, successes, and/or needs in the Volunteer Log Book



We are looking for individuals who are interested in hosting classes (e.g., art, computer literacy, cooking, healthy relationships, meditation, substance abuse education, yoga, etc.). Encircle is always looking for fun and engaging ways to connect with one another. Classes may occur weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc.


Peer-Facilitated Groups

Do you have an idea for a group that would benefit our community?

Peer-Facilitated Groups are organized by community volunteers and are designed to give individuals and families a dedicated space to come together and support each other. Peer-Facilitated Groups will focus on one common identity or issue, although a multiplicity of experiences and opinions may be shared within a given support group.

Peer-Facilitated Groups promote the free exchange of ideas and feelings, recognizing that each of us have our own story and that there is value in all of our experiences. Ultimately, Peer-Facilitated Groups seek to extend the safe spaces they create in their meetings to their own families and communities.

The role of Host or Co-Host is well-suited to those with lived experience concerning the subject matter of the group and who have backgrounds in social work, counseling, psychology, mediation, or teaching.

Potential topics for Peer-Facilitated Groups can include, but are not limited to:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Asexuality
  • Coming Out
  • LGBTQ People of Color
  • LGBTQ Youth
  • Mixed Orientation Marriages
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Transgender Support
  • LGBTQ Young Adults

Tuesday Talks

Tuesday Talks are weekly, on-going conversations with members of the community that will help us understand how to serve families, individuals, and communities. The issues surrounding LGBTQ lives are complicated and particular to individuals and families. Finding easy, one-size-fits-all solutions to complex problems is not reasonable. Instead, we seek to engage in discussions that allow participants to make sense together of the issues facing LGBTQ individuals, families, and communities.


*All volunteer positions require mandatory training and a background check before volunteering may begin.