Our Featured Guests


Hive Riot - Pop Artists

Hive Riot was awarded “Best Album” in the Pop category at the 2016 Independent Music Awards.

Rooted in the Beehive State, but stretching to Manhattan, London, New Orleans and Nashville, Hive Riot is a synthy, dance-fueled party hosted by the electric alchemy that is Dustin Gledhill and Mindy Gledhill. Dustin was a classical prodigy piano virtuoso, performing with symphonies by the age of seven. Mindy is an eight-year multi-album indie-pop darling. The two of them together are the sound of letting go. And, in that letting go, you hear the sound of celebration, of liberation.


Lane Twitchell - Visual Artist

Twitchell is a New York based artist, born in Murray Utah and raised in Ogden. An early interest in landscape painting has resulted in a working process and style which incorporates intricately cut paper into kaleidoscopic “landscapes” whose richly textured patterns form endlessly iterative combinations of the visual ephemera of the American unconscious, his own personal biography, and something like cosmic narrative contours not unrelated to the Rocky Mountain Mormonism of his upbringing. In works ranging in scope from large abstract paintings to small collages to drawings from his youth, this exhibition represents the artist’s latest, and most autobiographical, exploration of these thematic threads.

Stephenie Larsen - Encircle Executive Director

Stephenie and her husband, Mitch, love Utah County and have chosen to raise their six children here. She received a law degree from J. Reuben Clark Law School. She is a member of the Utah State Bar. While living in Washington, D.C. Stephenie was an attorney for abused and neglected inner-city children. She worked on Capitol Hill for both the House Committee for Children, Youth & Family and Utah Congressman Bill Orton. In Washington, D.C, she also worked for the lobbying firm MacAndrew and Forbes. Stephenie combines these years of experience advocating for youth with her passion for supporting LGBTQ+ individuals.  She believes that all young people are deserving of love and acceptance and is committed to making Encircle a safe place for all who enter.