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As Encircle continues to expand throughout Utah, we have had to look at operational efficiencies so that we can provide consistent and affordable care to the maximum amount of LGBTQ+ youth and families.

Over several months we have talked in-depth about ways to become even more cost effective than we already are, implement more effective processes and being paneled with Insurance companies. These were all in an effort to ensure that with future growth we would continue to be able to offer therapy to as many clients as possible.

After these discussions and others with our legal counsel and the Encircle Board of Directors it was recommended that as we move forward we establish a separate non profit entity, Encircle Therapy, that will contain the therapy arm of Encircle’s mental health services.

We have created Encircle Therapy and will begin our transition carefully. It is of VITAL importance to both Encircle and Flourish Therapists that we do not let this transition affect client care or experience. Encircle will continue to pay Flourish for therapy sessions provided at Encircle during this transition. If your therapists continues at Encircle Therapy, nothing should change for you. :) If you therapist moved their practice outside of Encircle, please contact them for more information.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have ANY questions or concerns.

with love,

Encircle Team