what does an Encircle Ambassador do? 


Help us get the word out. As an official Encircle Ambassador, you work with our team to tell the world about Encircle. You help us reach all who are in need of our services. You will serve as a representative of Encircle in your area, and working together with us, you will promote service events, concerts and other fundraising events. 

Encircle needs your ideas, your uniqueness, your energy and your love. We want to empower you to help those in need, and reach the people we can't see. Together we are stronger.

we can Encircle together to be the change.


Event Planners

Help us plan our community events. We need your help, genius and feedback.


Ambassadors donate between $10-99 a month to the operations of our home. 

Social Media 

Help us with our Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat! feedback & ideas!


Promote Encircle at your school, church, street, book club & community! 


no matter who you are, you can stand with Encircle.