Realize The Beauty Around You - Masey Decker

In high school Masey Decker met her now wife Becca. At first, they were just really close friends but then things started to develop into more than a friendship. Masey said,

“It wasn’t that I was gay, I thought I just liked Becca”

They used to laugh about how when they grew up, they would marry guys but live next to each other. That was how they would always be together. When Masey went to college she and Becca broke up, due to the distance and Masey’s religious conflict. Masey decided that she needed to get her life in line with what she was raised to believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

When Masey got home, she and Becca reconnected and were really great friends for a while. Masey noticed that she was starting to develop feelings again. This realization was very hard for her because she thought she had devoted herself to her church. Masey said,

“I couldn’t be in full fellowship of the church… and be with Becca.”

Finally, they decided together that they were tired of breaking up and getting back together. They decided to just be together and come out to all of their friends and family.

Masey said that the hardest thing for her was her relationship with her family and feeling like she had let them down. She got through it using the wisdom of a friend, who said,

“I took me 20 some odd years to come to terms with who I am. I need to give my family that as well, they need time.”

From all of this Masey has learned, to first, have faith in your experiences.

“There is no good in looking back and regretting any part of your life”

And second, surround yourself with beauty, in people, art, or nature.

“Realize that there is so much beauty around you.”

Benjamin Dunford