Circles of Empathy

Helping LGBTQ/SSA and straight Mormons manage sexual/gender/religious conflicts.

EVERY tuesday at 6-8pm


PROGRAM Host - sarah joye langford

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What are circles of empathy?

Circles of Empathy are small discussion groups that help participants sort through their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs while cultivating empathy for one another. They constitute a practice—or a way of approaching the religious/sexual/gender conflicts—through self-reflection, open-ended conversation, and empathetic support. This kind of processing of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs requires practice for both the person who shares and for those who listen. This practice can also help you increase your skills of empathy, bearing frustrations, holding tension, and embracing paradox and ambiguity.

The Circles of Empathy practice is not used to change anyone’s mind or convince anyone of anything. It is not intended to make all participants agree with one another. Empathy does not mean agreeing; it means understanding others on a very deep and sincere level.  Empathy is a tool for understanding that can create a well of spiritual wisdom for us to draw from as we seek inner clarity.


Every Tuesday from 6-8pm.  

Who can come? 

Individuals 18 and over of any identity (gay, straight, lesbian, bi, trans, etc.) are invited to participate in discussions of the intersection of spirituality, religious values, and sexual orientation. 


3/7 Question #1: What is my story?

3/14 Question #2: What is my primary role in life?

3/21 Question #3: What is my value system?

3/28 Question #4: How do I make decisions on moral questions?

4/4 Question #5: What is my spiritual orientation?

4/11 Question #6: What are my gender identity and sexual orientation?

4/18 Question #7: Does my sexual orientation align with my sexual behavior and intimate relationships?

4/20 Question #8: Based on my responses to the previous seven questions, what do I feel is the healthiest and most sustainable way to live my life?