EVERY Tuesday 6:00PM


BECOMING is an ongoing program to strengthen understanding and dialogue between gender variant persons and their family members, allies, and community. The rotating topics in this curriculum include:

MENTORS (first Tuesday monthly) Mentors present elements of their life story to convey validation and evidence of happy successful futures for gender variant persons.

TOOLS (second Tuesday monthly) Experienced presenters teach a set of specific principles or tools to strengthen family and allies in their journey with their gender variant loved one.

NAVIGATIONS (third Tuesday monthly) Presenters address a set of specific topics to assist the gender variant individual and their family to obtain services and support within the community.

CONVERSATIONS (fourth Tuesday monthly) Capable facilitators teach principles relating to effective and empathetic mutual conversations, and lead the modeling of how these can look.

SOCIALS (fifth Tuesdays as they occur) Gatherings around a theme or activity, planned by the Advisory Committee to enhance the community experience of wellness and joy.

Exemplary facilitators from the community each week will introduce their topic and lead a lively and informative dialog designed to assist gender variant individuals and their family members in their successful walk together!


Every Tuesday evening at 6PM


Everyone is welcome.