Love Louder: Art & Culture Series

Encircle strives to be a place of joy, creativity and comfort for LGBTQ youth and allies.



Program hosts: Jane Rhodes & Krisanne Knudsen

Jane Rhodes is a lifestyle blogger, artist, graphic designer and mother of four. She began her website as a platform for developing and sharing her art and creative lifestyle. Her recent concept Little Retreats Series gathers people together to mingle and learn. From mini fairy gardens to elegant smart phone videos, Jane’s work focuses on projects, entertaining, and infusing the everyday with equal parts simplicity and magic.

Krisanne Knudsen is a museum educator, writer, and mama of two. She has taught art and art history in South Korea, Mexico, and throughout the United States and most recently worked at Brigham Young University's Museum of Art as the School and Family Programs coordinator. She currently shares her passion for art education on Instagram @makingtable where she features famous artists and creative projects for families. 

What is Love louder?

Through the Arts & Culture series, we hope to enrich the lives of participants by allowing them to explore the creative arts and experience a variety of cultural events in order to enhance their personal expression and experiences.  This series will include weekly classes or activities, exploring either the creative arts or attending cultural, art and music events.

When is Love Louder?

Every Wednesday night from 6:30-8pm.

Who can come? 

Everyone is welcome but participation may be limited. Some classes may have age restrictions. 


5/10/17 Task Party with Jethro Gillesepie

5/17/17 TBD activity with James Reese

5/24/17 TBD activity with Olivia Knudsen

5/31/17 Oragami with Costner Cude